We have been working on a "new look" for some months now... Soon you will see...



Unfortunately we also have to increase our prices on 01.02.2023 due to rising material and productions costs. See more details soon in our online shop.



New products again

After pumpkin seed salt and pesto, we have three new kinds of nibbling seeds now:


 - chocolate

 - white chocolate

 - cinnamon vanilla


Simply irresistible - try it out!



New year, new products, new prices

As already announced, we had to increase our prices for the first time since 8 years.

Furthermore we have two new products in our onlineshop:


  • Pumpkin Seed Salt
  • Pumpkin Seed Pesto


Have fun trying it!

We wish you all the best for the new year, especially health!



Increase of prices

At the end of this turbulent year, we have to inform you, that we have to increase our prices of pumpkin seed oil. It is the first time since 8 years. Find out more information soon in our onlineshop.


Stay healthy!



Harvesting 2019

To ensure we do not run out of the best Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil- harvesting 2019 already started!



Award 2019

We proudly announce that our oil is awarded once again this year. The jury consisting of 100 people found that we meet the criteria and so we are allowed to use the gold plaque for 2019.



Harvesting 2018

Due to the weather harvesting started a few weeks earlier this year. In some places hail made some damage, but generally we are able to achieve a great output



The best of the best are allowed to decorate their bottles of pumpkin seed oil with the golden plaque. We proudly announce that once again our oil is one of the best!




Harvesting 2017

It is time to harvest the pumpkin seeds. Due to the wonderful weather and only little damage by hail we can be happy about very good harvest.




Kern's Pumpkin Seed Oil at the European Football Championship!

The European Football Championship is starting and we proudly present a new customer- the "Steegwirt" Fritz Grumpelhuber in Bad Goisern!! He cooks for the Austrian football national team in France. We are looking forward to a good cooperative work!





After reaching the title of a vice-champion in 2013 we are very proud to announce that we are THE champion now! To win this championship is the greatest success for a producer of pumpkin seed oil. We are really overjoyed now!


Find out more:,1083248,,



We are the champions!

This year it's the 10th championship for the Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. 362 producers were certificated by the commission. The best 20 meet in Bad Gleichenberg on 21st October to find the one and only Champion 2015/16- and Kern's Kernöl is one of these 20 producers!



Once again it's harvesting time!

Another year passed and concerning harvesting it was remarkebly better than the last one. This year we did nearly all our harvesting with a harvester-thresher. But from some pumpkins we put the seeds out in the traditional way- with our hands.



6th position out of 445 in "Gault Millau" for Kern's Kernöl!

Once again we proved the high quality of our pumpkin seed oil. The assessment commission of "Gault Millau" shows great results and we reached the 6th position out of 445. See more:



David Kern presents new bottle for Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil!


2015 Kern's Kernöl still stands for highest quality!

We proudly present the report of the assessment commission. Once again we got full points in all areas!


Harvest time - thrilling time

Once again our pumpkins are ready for harvesting.

This year we used two different kinds of harvesting machines- on the one hand the "Igel" (left picture) and on the other hand the harvester-thresher (picture below).

Due to overall poor harvesting of pumpkins this year, we have to tell you that we are forced to raise the prices for our pumpkins seed oil by 1.10.2014.

This is a necessary step in order to keep the excellent quality.

We request your understanding in this case.

The new prices:


1    Liter € 17,00

1/2 Liter € 9,50

1/4 Liter € 5,25


Volle Erfüllung der Qualitätserwartung!

Three years in series the assessment commission has awarded our Pumpkin Seed Oil! The outstanding note: Every year we also got full marks for our oil!


Need a present for Christmas?

Still looking for a present?

How about a bottle of our outstanding Pumpkin Seed Oil?

We wish you a merry Christmas!



Harvest season



Kern's Pumpkin Seed Oil goes Facebook!



Kern's Pumpkin Seed Oil is Vice-Champion!

On September 16, 2013 the best pumpkin seed oil producers met at LBS Bad Gleichenberg for the Championship 2013/2014. For us it was a great success! From 20 finalists, who were allowed to take part in the championship, Kern's Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil reached the outstanding second place! Find more: